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definitely not the most creative project name

This project consists of two parts: a straight-up conversion of the LuaBinaries 5.2 C headers to Delphi, and the TLua class to make integrating Lua with Delphi projects easier.

A note on compatibility

It's been tested and developed on Delphi XE2 32-bits and 64-bits. Minimum version for the wrapper is probably 2010, due to anonymous functions and TRttiContext being used.

Getting started

Download lua-5.2.4_Win32_bin.zip or lua-5.2.4_Win64_bin.zip from LuaBinaries and extract lua52.dll.

If you're just interested in the API, the Lua manual is the best place to start.

For the wrapper, take a look at the unit tests in TestWrapper.pas. Be sure to copy Lua52.dll into the output path if you're gonna run the unit tests or your own project.

A very, very simple example

Load a script from a string, passing two variables A and B and having the script sum them up into variable C.

  lua: TLua;
  returnValue: Integer;

  lua := TLua.Create;
    lua.SetGlobalVariable('A', 5);
    lua.SetGlobalVariable('B', 10);

    lua.LoadFromString('C = A + B');

    returnValue := lua.GetGlobalVariable('C').AsInteger;

...of course, you can do much more exciting things like calling Delphi functions from Lua or vice versa. Check out the Call and RegisterFunction(s) methods. Have fun!