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definitely not the most creative project name

This project consists of two parts: a straight-up conversion of the LuaBinaries 5.2 C headers to Delphi, and the TLua class to make integrating Lua with Delphi projects easier.

A note on compatibility

It's been tested and developed on Delphi XE2 32-bits and 64-bits. Minimum version for the wrapper is probably 2010, due to anonymous functions and TRttiContext being used.

Getting started

Download or from LuaBinaries and extract lua52.dll.

If you're just interested in the API, the Lua manual is the best place to start.

For the wrapper, take a look at the unit tests in TestWrapper.pas. Be sure to copy Lua52.dll into the output path if you're gonna run the unit tests or your own project.

A very, very simple example

Load a script from a string, passing two variables A and B and having the script sum them up into variable C.

  lua: TLua;
  returnValue: Integer;

  lua := TLua.Create;
    lua.SetGlobalVariable('A', 5);
    lua.SetGlobalVariable('B', 10);

    lua.LoadFromString('C = A + B');

    returnValue := lua.GetGlobalVariable('C').AsInteger;

...of course, you can do much more exciting things like calling Delphi functions from Lua or vice versa. Check out the Call and RegisterFunction(s) methods. Have fun!