A small digital counter intended for use in board games. Runs on an ATTiny85 using an SSD1306-based 128x64 OLED display, in a custom designed and 3D printed case.
Updated 2021-05-22 10:39:53 +00:00
ATTiny85-driven dimmer for LEDs
Updated 2021-05-22 10:38:45 +00:00
ATTiny85 based LED fader for my version of the Dark Souls Bonfire: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2401490
Updated 2021-05-22 10:38:04 +00:00
ESP8266-based project for controlling the LED strips on my stairs
Updated 2021-05-22 09:02:31 +00:00
ESP8266-based RGBW controller
Updated 2021-05-22 08:56:32 +00:00